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UNINCORPORATED developed a six-module online learning program for underserved high school students. We designed the course and all assets with the refreshed brand guidelines, co-wrote curriculum, generated messaging, created interactive modules and self-assessments, produced video lectures, and constructed the LMS experience.


Design assets included assignment and activity sheets, learning roadmaps, icons for each module, logo creation, presentations, and more.


USC Annenberg Center for Third Space Thinking is dedicated to the development of soft skills in audiences ranging from youth to executives. The Third Space Thinking courses empowers participants in five core competencies: Adaptability, Cultural Competency, Empathy, Intellectual Curiosity, and 360 Degree Thinking

Image of USC Annenberg's Third Space Thinking dashboard.


The ACE-IT mentality is built from five attributes, or soft skills, that challenge students to grow and learn.


The representative graphic is a visual aid of the fluid and interconnected process the students will experience.


Working with the Third Space Thinking team’s existing micro brand guide, we extended and applied their approach across dozens of assets.

Emphasizing fluidity, movement, growth and intersectionality, we ensured the expanded color and icon system would closely represent the participant’s learning journey in the program.

Color wheel of branding colors denoting which color represents which value.
Branding color palette containing black, blue, magenta, red, yellow, orange and gradients of black to red, blue to magenta, red to yellow, yellow to orange, orange to blue. Icons are laid in a grid displayed in the branding colors.


When we were guiding the videography process for the Third Space Thinking team, we emphasized scripting and storytelling from the perspective of a student. UNINCORPORATED adapted long-form lectures into engaging, short videos. 


We strategically scripted, staged, filmed, and edited a minimum of four bite-size lecture videos for each of the six modules. Our production team managed full execution, from coaching lecturers on delivery to advising on dress and backgrounds.


Our audience was at the center of our video editing approach. Our videos were scripted and edited to ensure students remain engaged throughout the course. We kept videos succinct and on topic so students could revisit and relearn exactly what they wanted.

Image of a man sitting on a chair.
Two teal armchairs.
Woman with her hands raised in front of her.
Photo of a man smiling.
Image of two armchairs in front of a camera.
Photo of a group of people wearing protective face masks.


Through our partnership with USC Annenberg, we created and launched an online learning design campaign. The Third Space Thinking course contains a robust curriculum with engaging content and design assets. Students were given portions of the workbook to use in concert with each module. This method helped boost student engagement and verify their growth in the program.

Our empathy-centric design simultaneously engages with today’s youth while setting up individuals to be successful in a post-pandemic world and job market.

Informational material for Third Space Thinking.


Utilizing an empathetic approach helped us maintain truthful moments that aim to engage TST’s younger high school audience. Our team recognized the importance of delivering digestible content for a long-form learning platform. 

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